DudesRaw - Sean Deans Hungry Hole

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Description: Grinding and grabbing Parker Neal's cock, I am seriously impressed with what he is packin'. A "cock-connoisseur," my mouth tells me I'll be feeling it tomorrow. Having Parker "stick it to me," I ride along for the fun and then flop over for the "show." He fills me up before I ooze one out. Swallowing Justin Cross, his cock is always up for a lick-n-fuck; the girth is what takes me a minute. Taking a break, he sucks on me and arouses. Tugging on my while I ride, Justin blows up my hole; I do enjoy a good creampie. I then release my own cum and add it to the "party." Sean Dean is just incredible in this compilation; his "hungry" appetite for DudesRaw is apparent.
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