HardBritLads - Damian Boss & Josh Jared

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Description: Passionate thick dicked sexy shirt Damian Boss gets coated by randy twink Josh Jared. In actuality, little Josh can hardly catch his lips across Damian’s meaty girth before putting his hole fingered and butt pounded. Even the lads start off standing, in shiny Adidas sports kit, getting a feel of eachother as they kiss. Damian lifts Josh’s top to show his handsome, super defined body, with ripped six pack. Since Damian strokes his abs, then he leans down to lick Josh’s nipples, caressing his tight body. Josh returns the favour, slipping his hand in Damian’s vest to feel his chest. Damian lifts his shirt along with Josh gives his hard nipples a great suck, even as he squeezes and squeezes the hefty looking bulge in Damian’s white shorts. They kiss, and then Damian gropes a bit more, his dick demonstrably solid today inside their shorts, until slowly pulling them down, letting his cock spring outside. Damian takes Josh’s dick in hand and jerks off him slowly. Josh removes Damian’s vest, then licks his brow, then gets down on his knees to get a close look at the fat bulge. He grips with the base, then attracts Damian’down so shorts. In his white briefs, his dick looks solid and very meaty. Josh gets a fantastic texture, then pulls on the undies down. It’s a thick meaty uncut cock, along with his pubes are untrimmed. Josh takes Damian’s fat dick into his hand and opens his mouth wide open to start sucking. They can hardly catch his lips around it! But Josh loves to please a lad, also stinks with excitement, letting Damian gain aggressive, fucking Josh’s mouth. Josh stands and they play with each other a moment, then Damian gets on his knees, sucking and savouring Josh’s long uncut cock, taking it to the trunk of his throat, and then letting Josh offer him a tough throat fucking. Its pretty dumb and extremely horny! They go to the couch where Damian lays back to get sucked again, with Josh placing on his side, between Damian’so legs. As before, Josh loves pleasuring a meaty dick with his mouth, keeping it wet with spit, then jerking off him afterward sucking deep as he can. Josh moves up to kneel over Damian, his knees on both sides of Damian’s chest, his cock over Damian’s mouth. He sucks Josh whilst obtaining a feel of his sexy little eloquent butt, squeezing his lips then pulling them apart and sliding his finger in compared to that tight little hole. Together with Josh on all fours over Damian, he also gives that fat cock another good suck whilst Damian buries his head between Josh’s arse crack, giving it a fantastic licking.Next, Josh squats over Damian’s face, so he is able to get his tongue straight inside there. Since he licks and probes that boy hole, then he also holds up his meat. The first spot sees Josh leaning against the couch, and with Damian behind him. He yells Josh’s hole with his cock, then slowly pushes it in, making him moan with pain and pleasure. It’s also intense! Damian starts slow, revealing loads of length, letting Josh have accustomed to the thickness. Since he gets right into it, Damian speeds up. We get a great deal of picture low-angle shots. Then Damian lays in the corner of the sofa, holding his dick up. Facing usJosh eases himself down onto the girthy fuckpole. Since he takes it to the base, makes his cock twitch. He slides up and down, riding, then lets Damian hold up him, catching his bum cheeks, so he can thrust into him. He keeps it steady, but gives some cast in stone fucking too. Not exactly done, the last position gets the lads on the couch, Josh on his backlegs apart, using Damian kneeling. He pushes his cock back indoors and gets in to some slow profound fucking, with long strokes. Josh’s dick throbs, like he’s ready to take any moment. Damian fucks steady, speeds up and gives him a bit of a pounding. If Josh can’t postpone any further, and takes hold in case his dick to wank himself because his pit gets pounded, Josh squirts powerful jets of jizz within his chest and stomach. Damian pulls out, pulling off the condom, also moves round to kneel over Josh’s facebeating away from his big meat. It only takes a second before he pulls his hot sexy spunk over Josh’s chest and chin, and eager to get a taste of it, '' he opens his mouth and receives a few drops onto his tonguebefore licking at the others of the cum from Damian’s meaty penis.
Models: Damian Boss