CorbinFisher - ACS0467 - Harrison & Ashley

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Description: Cute new freshman Harrison gets his ACS initiation with Ashley - and he has a fantastic time. So does Ashley! Harrison kisses and squeezes Ashley’s tits. She kisses his chest and abs, working her way down to unzip his jeans. She giggles as she nibbles on his cock through his underwear. Harrison is rock-hard by the time she frees his dick and goes down on him. Ashley licks up and down his shaft and balls, driving Harrison crazy. She lies back on the couch and Harrison dives down into her pussy, eating her out. He fingers her and slides his tongue deep inside her. Ashley moans as he goes down on her. Harrison teases Ashley’s pussy with his cock, then slides it all the way in. He grabs her leg and pulls her farther onto him, pounding away at her. Ashley yelps as he fucks her harder. Ashley locks her legs around Harrison’s back as they kiss. Harrison lies down and Ashley climbs up on top of him. She slides down on his cock, then bounces up and down as she rides him. Harrison rubs Ashley’s tits and stomach as he fucks her. Ashley flips over onto her stomach. Harrison stuffs his cock back into her and fucks her from behind. He slows down his thrusts, then pulls out, teasing her some more. Ashley arches her ass up and Harrison slams his cock back into her. Harrison fucks her hard, her tits bouncing as she gets nailed. Harrison gets on his side and fucks Ashley. He grabs her tit again and he rams his cock into her. Harrison pulls out and blows his load on top of Ashley’s pussy.