CorbinFisher - ACS0034 - Kirk (w. Jasmine)

Duration: 13:34 Views: 640 Submitted: 3 years ago
Description: There's no shortage of muscle on this hot man, and he was incredibly eager to get that powerful frame of his in to action with a hot young girl when we were getting ready to shoot this video. Kirk's living proof that it does indeed come in handy when you're buffed and worked out, as he not only had Jasmine all fired up and ready to get a piece of him but he also has the power and stamina to have himself a mighty hot time when fucking! When his solo video went up on ACM I'd mentioned how much more fun it is to see a bodybuilding stud stroking their hard cock than it is to see them flexing on a stage on ESPN. Well, it's even hotter to see them in action, enthusiastically pounding away at a hot girl and having a blast while totally stripped naked, sweaty, and panting. It's great seeing Kirk put those muscles to work!