CorbinFisher - ACS0071 - Nick 3 (w. Julie)

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Description: One of the many things I love about Nick is his modesty and humility. He still comments to me about how blown away he is by the fact that people are getting a kick out of watching him have sex. In fact, when I asked him to shoot another video for us here on ACS and show off his lady-pounding skills again, he laughed and said "I do this all the time at home and it's still crazy to think anyone else would care about it!" Care, we do! With that Southern charm, amazing face, hot bod and thick dick, Nick's a total stud and the prospect of seeing him in action is one that always gets me excited! I look forward to every video we shoot with Nick, and I know a great many of you do, as well! He inspires a tremendous amount of feedback and not a day goes by where I don't read a pile of e-mails singing his praises. As Nick mentioned, having sex with girls is something he does all the time back home. Now, however, we're getting to see that hot sex here on ACS and get a glimpse of what hot, young, Southern college studs are up to all the time - boning lucky girls with their rock-hard dicks!
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