CorbinFisher - ACS0148 - Chuck & Girlfriend

Duration: 11:35 Views: 725 Submitted: 3 years ago
Description: You might remember my mentioning Chuck brought his girlfriend out with him when he first came out to shoot with us. I always love filming guys with their girlfriends as there is chemistry, passion and intensity that simply cannot be fabricated. Indeed, the very first guy/girl videos we ever shot were of guys with their girlfriends so ACS owes its existence to videos like this! With Chuck and his girlfriend, we are all truly flies on the wall getting to witness something these two do all the time, with one another, behind closed doors, but are now doing for an audience for the first time ever! What I also think is really hot about this video is the fact that Chuck's girlfriend was so eager to come down and film with him! There's just something super hot about a couple that both want to share themselves with us viewers and put on a show! Chuck can most definitely put on a show, as well! With his ripped body and rock-hard cock he goes to work and, dare I say it, makes me a bit jealous of his girlfriend!
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