CorbinFisher - ACS0307 - Matthew & Ashley

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Description: Matthew definitely likes to do it outdoors! Not only did he and Dru have a hot session outside last week, today he and Ashley have a sensual play session in the late summer heat. They kiss passionately. Ashley is so much fun, because nothing ever seems to ruffle her - bra hooks, tangled shirts, flying gnats - nothing. She's perfect to partner with someone with little experience on camera (especially with the unpredictable nature of outdoor shoots). For his part, Matthew is clearly taken with how pretty she is. Matthew comes off shy and sweet. And that's pretty much how he is. But once he gets comfortable, he's not shy about plowing with the best of them. Ashley gets Matthew's shirt and pants off quickly. She sucks his cock through his boxer briefs. As she strokes his uncut cock, he leans down to kiss her and tenderly feel her breasts as he tries to get her bra off. His thick cock grows quickly as she sucks it. Matthew's eyes close in sheer pleasure. He strokes her hair and she smiles up at him, loving the taste of his foreskin and shaft. The background noise of the fountain adds to the steaminess of the scene. He kisses her breasts and lays her on the futon. Matthew kisses her all the way down to her crotch. He rubs it before peeling back her underwear and eating her out. He fingers her as well. His stiff dick needs attention, so as he tongues her, Matthew strokes his big cock. Each pull of the foreskin reveals the reddish head of his big cock. Ashley returns the favor by stroking his big shaft. His balls are full, so she sits on top of his cock. She grinds on his dick, working it deep inside of her. Matthew kisses her and cups her breasts as she rides his cock. Laying her on her side, Matthew stuffs his cock in her and pounds her. He holds her leg up so he can penetrate her as deeply as possible. She rubs his furry chest. That makes Matthew fuck her faster. Matthew sticks a finger inside her as he slides in and out. “Nice and light,” she says and moans with pleasure at how good he's fucking and fingering her at the same time. Matthew loves to fuck doggy-style. She gets on her hands and knees and lets him mount her. He rubs and kisses her tits, then resumes drilling her. He thrusts up against her, his stomach tightening with every push inside her. “I'm gonna come,” Matthew says and sprays his load all over the small of her back. He works every last drop out and then smacks her ass playfully.
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