BreedMeRaw - Sean Knight & Chip Young

Duration: 24:05 Views: 616 Submitted: 2 years ago
Description: When Chip Young and Jackson Reed come back from shopping, they find that Daddy's Fuck Bed is still not finished. Jackson wants to go lay by the pool, so he leaves Chip to continue working on the bed. He no sooner gets started and someone rings the doorbell. It's the neighbor, Sean Knight, bringing over an apple pie and welcoming him to the neighborhood. Chip likes what he sees so he invites Sean to the loft, so he can help build Daddy's Fuck Bed. But as soon as Chip bends over and reveals his huge phat ass, Sean takes the opportunity to shove his face in there and get it all nice and wet. Chip of course bends over further. Sean can no longer stand it and gives him some of that raw cock up his ass. Sean loves his new neighbor's big ass and will make sure he drops by more often!
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Models: Chip Young