CorbinFisher - ACM - Thomas Pounds Ellis

Duration: 18:16 Views: 1 672 Submitted: 2 years ago
Description: Tight-bodied, meaty hunk Thomas is about to have his first guy/guy experience. I wasn’t sure if Thomas would be up for this, but the more he hung around the other guys, the more intrigued he was. When he agreed he told me that he wanted to go all in completely! I thought Ellis would be the perfect one to break Thomas in, and within seconds of the start of the scene - you see why! Ellis has really grown into his element since he first started his CF education. It’s been fun to see him come out of his shell and push his sexual limits. True to his word, Thomas doesn’t hold back. After getting his dick and balls sucked and worshipped, he turns Ellis around and shoves his rock hard cock into his ass. Ellis is immediately over the moon as Thomas fucks him harder and harder. Thomas definitely has the stamina and Alpha mentality to take control and give his bottom the kind of fucking he wants. His muscles tighten as he puts in a strong pounding and makes Ellis blow his load in a near-convulsive frenzy that you know came from having his button pressed just right! The young hunk isn’t done yet! He flips Ellis and fucks him silly, shoots his load all over his ass - collects it up and uses his jizz for lube to fuck Ellis some more!